Cultivation and development

Strictly organic

Better quality without herbicides or artificial fertilizers, but by resource-efficient viticulture in close relation to nature.

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Gerd Schindler firmly believes in ecological viticulture, which consequently means forgoing herbicides, insecticides, highly synthetized fungicides or fertilizers while focussing on resource-efficient farming as well as wise soil management in accordance with biodiversity. For this aim, different varieties of herbs, clover and leguminous plants have been planted at every second row of the vineyards. These plants enrich the soil with plant available nitrogen and thus mineralise it naturally. It’s a win-win situation: competition between these plants and the vines results in a moderate growth of the grapes which allows them to gather significant substance and varietal aroma.

Gerd Schindler firmly believes that ecological viticulture includes not only a respect for nature and the soil, but also for the lives of animals. Thus, the development of their new wine follows strictly vegan pinciples and for clarification and filtering abstains from animal substances such as gelatin, chicken protein or casein so that you can enjoy ecologically sound and responsibly developed wines of the highest quality.

Individually distinct viticulture is more than the sum of agriculture and cellaring. It includes a wise management of the soil as well as the knowledge of what any individual vine may accomplish.

Fertilization by adding humus to the soil, moderate pruning, a balanced leaf to fruit ratio, the knowledge of what any individual vine may accomplish as well as the decision when exactly to harvest the grapes: all this is just as much part of considerate viticulture as the little bit of luck any winemaker needs for climatically perfect conditions.

In the cellar
Serene management and inspiration

Different ways of development, fermentation control, big or small barrels, oak or stainless steel – cellaring demands experience and inspiration as well as an indispensable calm and serenity.

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In the cellar, the wine is monitored on a daily basis, its ripeness is checked, its further development controlled cautiously and if necessary attended to with appropriate instinct and expertise.

A wise assessment of the vineyard’s potential for a particular variety, small quantities, timely vintage and serenity in the cellar all aim to create optimal wines.

Lämmlin-Schindler’s white wines, whose freshness Gerd Schindler wants to retain and whose fermented carbonic acid he aims to bring into the bottle, develop in steel tanks, while the richer white wines from the Große Lage develop in small oak barrels. These include selected grapes of Gutedel which are aging on their own yeast in the barrel, as well as the Sauvignon Blanc (Fumé Blanc) that is also developed in oak and presents itself with a spicy roasting aroma. Lämmlin-Schindler’s Spätburgunder from Mauchener Frauenberg, that has received numerous awards, also develops in oak and presents itself ruby red, with intensive tannin and lasting fruitiness.