In Liaison with History

Whether as a delicious finale to a wine tasting, an elegant dinner or an enjoyable "Vesper" at the cosy Gutsschänke: The Gasthaus zur Krone will indulge its guests with a fresh and modern cuisine.

A stop at the historic and well-known Gasthaus zur Krone is always a delightful experience. The restaurant is located just across the courtyard and has been part of the estate since 1862. Since 2012 chef Jan Kronfeld and Anne Reckmann have been indulging their guests with a crossover of traditional delicacies of Baden as well as a modern, light cuisine – always freshly prepared with seasonal, regional products. But not only lovers of traditional specialties of Baden will experience a culinary delight: The restaurant’s in-house pastry chef and her assortment of cakes and tortes also caters for lovers of the sweeter delights. (Contact us for further advice on restaurants etc.)