Red wines


For sophisticated demands: The “red one” of the Burgunder family is called Blauburgunder in Switzerland, Pinot Noir in France and Spätburgunder in Germany. At Lämmlin-Schindler, its cultivation is a century-old tradition. This well-structured red wine captivates with an extensive array of aromas that range from a light bouquet of raspberry or cherry to strong spicy aromas. In any case, the Spätburgunder is a top range wine for sophisticated demands.


Smooth and mellow: Originally from the area around Bordeaux in France, this grape variety has only been allowed to be cultivated in Germany since 1997. Its grapes develop into smooth, mellow and deeply red wines with a fruity, rich character. Merlot is a very sustainable wine well suited to be stored for long periods of time, but can just as well develop a pleasant maturity after only a few years.

Red Wine Cuvée

An elegant combination: The Lämmlin-Schindler Red Wine Cuvée is a combination of Cabernet and Pinot Noir. The rocky soil, on which these grapes grow, led to its name FRAUENFELS. This red wine offers a strong, spicy aroma of Paprika as well as a fruity bouquet reminding of blackberry and cassis – an elegant combination of the rich finesse and variety of aromas inherent in these grapes.


Versatile: Blaufränkisch, also known as Lemberger, prefers a mild climate and dainty sites. Stony loess-loam soil especially produces a superb quality. Depending on the time of harvest, these grapes can be developed into light and fruity wines or into deeply red wines that are high in tannin, full-flavoured, rich in character and offer aromas of cherry and berries. This wine can also be stored for a long time.