White Wine


Low in acidity: The Gutedel, that in Switzerland is also known as Chasselas or Fendant, originally came from the Jordan Valley and is over 5,000 years old. In Markgräflerland, Gutedel has been cultivated for over 200 years now and is regarded as a typical variety of this region. Due to its low but exhilarant acidity, the Gutedel is very easy on the stomach.


Stimulating: This region also offers excellent growing conditions for Riesling, that is popular for its sparkling freshness. Its grapes prefer a stony soil, as it can especially be found at Mauchener Frauenberg. Characterized by Jurassic limestone that is high in minerals, Lämmlin-Schindler’s Riesling is racy on the palate with a stimulating bouquet of grapefruit and peach.


Racy: The Scheurebe, created by and named after Georg Scheu in 1916, is a crossbred of Silvaner and Riesling. Its wine captivates us with a racy aroma of blackcurrant and grapefruit.

Sauvignon Blanc

Refreshing: Approximately 100 years ago, Sauvignon Blanc was cultivated in Germany as Muskat-Silvaner. Today it is well-known all over the world. It’s aroma of citrus and gooseberries as well as its fine bouquet of elderflower give this wine its refreshing character. The spicy roasting aroma of Lämmlin-Schindler’s variety Fumé Blanc that ages in small oak barrels corresponds beautifully with the delicately fresh basic character of the grape itself.


Aromatic: The Gewürztraminer’s intensive rose aromas make it a delicious aperitif and popular companion to full-flavoured cheese. Its pleasant combination of fresh acidity and aroma is typical for this variety.


Tender and fruity: This rich and tender-fruity wine with its racy structure is a member of the Burgunder family and together with Grau- and Spätburgunder forms the pillars supporting the Lämmlin-Schindler estate.


Opulent: The popular and widely spread variety of Chardonnay is especially known for its ability to adapt to various conditions. Originally from France, it captivates us with its aroma of citrus and its opulent character.


Dry or with residual sweetness: By harvesting early, Lämmlin-Schindler turn the dry, refreshing Grauburgunder into a wonderfully tangy variety. Their rich Grauburgunder wines are full-flavoured with a delicate roasting aroma. Grauburgunder with a nice residual sweetness is offered under the pseudonym of Ruländer and presents itself rich in character and with an aroma of nuts and fruits.

Cabernet Blanc

Full-bodied: The white grape variety of Cabernet Blanc has been newly cultured in 1991 and belongs to the most fungus-resistant varieties. Its wine is full-bodied and dense and its fresh taste reminds of Sauvignon Blanc.